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About the University of Cambridge

It was founded in 1209 and was established again in 1209. The University of Cambridge is an English-speaking public research university. It is located in Cambridge in, England. It is the second-oldest university in English-speaking countries. It is also the oldest university in English-speaking countries. The University of Cambridge is ranked among the top universities according to various rankings. Students are not only involved in academics but also participate in other activities, such as sports, culture, and society.

The University of Cambridge comprises 31 colleges, more than 150 faculties, and departments. Arts and Humanities; Biological Sciences; Clinical Medicine; Humanities and Social Sciences; Physical Sciences and Technology. The undergraduate program consists of lectures, seminars, and classes in the practical. Information on the college

The university is accessible to academically-competent students and enthusiastic and motivated students. It also offers high-quality education. It strives for the best facilities and resources to support students’ learning. There are more than 100 libraries on campus, so students won’t have to go far. The library also contains a textbook, reference materials, and other relevant materials.

Each college and department has computers that assist students with their research. There is also an institute for languages, which allows students to learn the language in any area they choose.

All students studying at the University of Cambridge are eligible for university accommodation. A few colleges have dormitories on the main campus. Some schools offer dormitories at their preferred location and a variety of apartments and residences owned by the college. Most apartments can be reached by walking or biking from the various facilities and departments of the city. The college offers a wide range of housing options.

Student Residence

Many factors affect the cost of lodging at colleges and universities. It depends on the room type and the grade (size, ensuite, etc.). The fee includes utilities such as heat and water, internet connectivity, cleaning, and basic self-catering. This is a rough price estimate to fit different financial budgets (based on a 30-week average).

* Single bedrooms with shared bathrooms are standard and will cost from PS90 to PS120 per week.

* Most en suite rooms cost PS100-140 per week

Available specialties

  • Architecture
  • chemistry
  • Economy
  • Literature and language
  • MBA
  • Maths
  • Other sciences
  • Philosophy


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